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Experienced Elder Law Guidance

The population in Fort Worth and throughout the nation is aging, and our elders face many legal challenges that must be handled with care. At Turkett Law Office, PLLC, we place a particular emphasis on elder law and are dedicated to helping our clients navigate these complex legal issues.

Handling All Elder Law Issues

We handle a broad range of elder law issues for clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The scope of our elder law practice includes:

Medicaid Planning: Paying for long term care can bankrupt a family. We can assist in obtaining public benefits to pay for nursing home care under the Medicaid program. Many seniors have paid into the system for their whole lives, and they are entitled to get the help they need in their later years.

Lady bird deeds: If you wish to transfer real estate upon death while living and remaining in control of that property while you are alive, a lady bird deed can help you do so. This is especially important for a person receiving nursing home Medicaid. The state can recover the funds expended on your care from your probate estate. These deeds allow real property to pass outside probate, and the property cannot be taken by the state to pay back Medicaid benefits.

Medicare planning: Families facing the enormous financial burden of nursing home care have legal options at their disposal that may help them preserve assets.

Estate planning: As people age, it becomes more important that they preserve their assets and plan for how those assets will be distributed upon death. We help clients protect their wishes by crafting wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents.

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